The Reclamation Research Unit was one of the first research entities at Montana State University and was founded in 1964 to address reclamation challenges associated with revegetation of the new Interstate Highway system. Early research focused on seeding techniques, seed mixes, and slope stabilization. In the 1970’s research switched to a focus on coal mine reclamation in the Northern Great Plains as development of Powder River Basin coal deposits accelerated including construction of the Colstrip Power Generation plants in eastern Montana. Coal research included pioneering studies to evaluate overburden suitability for revegetation, native plant reestablishment techniques, soil salvage methods and erosion control. Reclamation research in the 1970’s was validated by the 1972 Montana Constitutional Convention where provisions were adopted stating that “all lands disturbed by the taking of natural resources shall be reclaimed”. Research in the 1980’s included reclamation of lands degraded by mineral extraction and smelting in western Montana. These research activities continued until 2006 at Montana State when the private company Reclamation Research Group, LLC was spun off completing a 42 year history of applied research and teaching land rehabilitation techniques. Hundreds of students carry on the MSU reclamation legacy in industry, government and private sector careers. Directors of the Reclamation Research Unit included Dr. Richard Hodder, Dr. Frank Munshower and Dennis Neuman. Reclamation Research Group was subsequently acquired by KC Harvey Environmental, LLC in 2012 where former students continue in the service of government and industry clients performing land reclamation, natural resource restoration, water resource protection and development of technologies for next generation.